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Oct 13, 2021 • BOSTON
Atlanta DIY Expert Hosts National New Digital Series “DIY Inspired Upcycling with Dinah Wulf” on
Hosted by Dinah Wulf, 2020 National Create Crafts Challenge Second Prize Winner

Sep 30, 2021 • BOSTON
South Florida DIY Expert Hosts New National Digital Series “DIY with Martin Amado” on
Ten-part short-form videos hosted by Miami Native Martin Amado, 2020 National Grand Prize Winner of the Create Crafts Challenge

Sep 30, 2021 • BOSTON
National Create Crafts Challenge Winners to Premiere Two New Digital Series on
“DIY with Martin Amado” and “DIY Inspired Upcycling with Dinah Wulf” to release weekly beginning September 30,2021

Aug 10, 2021 • BOSTON
APT and PBS Partner to Bring More Public Television Programming to PBS Passport through 2023
First of seven planned release phases begins September 1, 2021

May 17, 2021 • BOSTON
Rick Steves Europe Awaits Explores Favorite Destinations to Visit Post-COVID
New two-hour special premieres June 7, 2021 on public TV stations nationwide

Jan 7, 2021 • BOSTON
Olivia Wong Named American Public Television’s New Vice President of Marketing & Communications
American Public Television (APT), the leading syndicator of content to U.S. public TV stations nationwide, today announced that public media veteran Olivia Wong has been named Vice President of Marketing & Communications effective January 25, 2021

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