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Sep 11, 2018 • BOSTON
Shawn Halford Named American Public Television’s New VP Exchange Content and Digital Services
American Public Television (APT) announced today that Shawn Halford, an accomplished public television leader who has held key national content positions at PBS and Discovery Communications, has been named APT’s Vice President of Exchange Content and Digital Services starting in October. Halford succeeds Chris Funkhouser, who is retiring after 40 years in public media.

Aug 9, 2018 • BOSTON
APT PitchFest: Producers Compete for Production Funds to Create Innovative Fundraising Content for Nation's Public Television Stations
Finalists present pitches to public television panel of industry experts at APT PitchFest Live! event at APT Fall Marketplace, November 8th in Baltimore.

Jun 13, 2018 • Boston
For eager U.S. public TV audiences, the wait is ending for the latest season of a viewer favorite!

Mar 6, 2018 • WASHINGTON, D.C. / BOSTON
Intermediary Copyright Royalty Services Works With American Public Television to Help Producers Claim Their Portion of Government-Collected Royalties
Royalties for public television programs often not claimed, leaving monies undistributed.

Jan 31, 2018 • BOSTON
Hugh Bonneville Presents New Documentary "JESUS: Countdown to Calvary" for Easter 2018 on Public Television
Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey, Paddington) travels to Jerusalem to examine the events leading up to the death of Jesus of Nazareth, in "Jesus: Countdown to Calvary," releasing on public television stations nationwide March 1, in time for the Easter holiday (check local listings) from American Public Television (APT).

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