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Executive Team

Cynthia A. Fenneman
President and CEO

Dan Soles
Vice President
Syndication and Premium Service

Shawn Halford
Executive Vice President, Content
Vice President, Exchange & Digital Services

Judy Barlow
Vice President
Business Development and International Sales

Olivia Wong
Vice President
Marketing and Communications

Anand Kavalapara
Vice President

Paul Higgins
Vice President, Finance
Chief Administrative Officer

Board of Trustees

Mare Mazur, board chair
President and General Manager
Vegas PBS

Lisa Shumate, board vice-chair
Associate Vice President and
General Manager, Houston Public Media

Linda A. O’Bryon, board treasurer
President, O'Bryon Media, LLC
Interim Executive Director, Public Television Major Market Group

Ronnie Agnew, board chair emeritus
General Manager
WOSU Public Media

Don Boswell
Former President and CEO
WNED Buffalo Toronto

Rob Dunlop
President and CEO
Cascade Public Media

Cynthia A. Fenneman
President and CEO
American Public Television

John Ford
John Ford Media, LLC

Becky Magura
President and CEO
Nashville Public Television

Steve McGowan
Macatawa Media Partners

Anthony Padgett
General Manager
WOSU Public Media

Jim Pagliarini
Pagliarini + Others
Former President and CEO, Twin Cities PBS

Ron Pisaneschi
Former General Manager
Idaho Public Television

Courtney Pledger
Executive Director and CEO
Arkansas PBS

Candice Seiger
Marketing Consultant

Dan Schmidt
Former President and CEO
WTTW Chicago

Neal Shapiro
President and CEO
The WNET Group

Larry Unger
President and CEO
Maryland Public Television

Lloyd Wright
Former President and CEO
WFYI Indianapolis

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