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APT Presentations

APT Presentations works with independent producers to manage the national distribution of programs offered through the APT Exchange service. Its experienced staff oversees each step of the distribution process, providing producers with guidance and advice to maximize program carriage and impact.

From program development to submission, evaluation of funders and technical delivery to marketing and PR strategies, APT Presentations coordinates and manages all services required for the successful distribution of programs to U.S. public television stations.

Our clients include some of public television’s most popular cooking and lifestyle series; award-winning documentaries and anthology series; music performances; children's programming; news and public affairs series and fully packaged pledge events for station fundraising.

Titles include: America’s Test Kitchen From Cook’s Illustrated, New Scandinavian Cooking,Great Museums, P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home, AfroPop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange, Global Health Frontiers, Music Voyager, NHK Newsline, Pacific Heartbeat and George Hirsch Lifestyle.

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