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Rights Definitions

Broadcast Rights

  • Cable/Satellite Video on Demand Cable/Satellite Video On Demand means the delivery of the Program uninterrupted by commercial advertising via cable or satellite where the viewer selects the time for delivery, including catch-up viewing. Cable/Satellite Video on Demand does not include streaming or permanent download. The term Cable/Satellite Video on Demand shall mean VOD without any separate charge from the cable/satellite provider for the program or group of programs in which the program is included.

  • Digital Classroom Rights The term "Digital Classroom Rights" means the right to use the Program(s) and elements thereof in connection with any free or fee-based, integrated, digital, audio-visual and/or multimedia curriculum service targeting preK-12 school districts.

  • Non-Commercial Cable "Non-Commercial Cable" means one or more channels on cable systems or via other multichannel video programming distributors’ television service for which local public television stations are solely responsible for the content and for which such channels are distributed as part of a basic channel bundle service to the community without additional charge.

  • Radio Simulcast "Simulcast" or "Radio Simulcast" means broadcasting of the audio portion of the Program by a local radio station(s) simultaneously with the audio and video broadcast by a local public television station.

  • School Re-Record Rights "School Re-Record Rights" means the rights of schools to record the Program to use for educational purposes. Unless otherwise specified School Re-Record Rights last for a period of one year following the date of the broadcast being recorded. School Re-Record Rights apply to grades K through 12 only. School Re-Record Rights do not apply to post-secondary education.

Linear Live Streaming Rights

  • Linear Live Streaming of Local Broadcast Linear Live Streaming is any service the end user is accessing via the Internet where the Program is transmitted on a substantially concurrent, linear basis with the Licensed Stations’ broadcast signal accessed from any internet-capable device including, but not limited to applications on phones, computers, and portable devices offered by Licensed Stations and/or third party over the top applications. Linear Live Streaming shall be geo-blocked and geo-filtered to the Licensed Station’s broadcast territory and programs will not be available for download.

Streaming on Demand Rights

  • Streaming on Demand The term "streaming on demand" or "streaming" or "audiovisual streaming" means the delivery over the Internet, mobile device platform, or other computer network of audiovisual content to end-users, on demand. Streaming does not include delivery intended for download (other than temporarily in a cache) or delivery by Cable/Satellite Video On Demand. Streaming on Demand shall be geo-blocked to the Territory.

Rights Glossary

  • Excerpts The term "Excerpts" means audiovisual footage, clips, or excerpts created from the Program.

  • Term The "Term" or "License Term" means the License Term set forth in the rights information.

  • Territory The "Territory" means the United States and its territories and possessions.

On-Demand Membership Service On-Demand Membership Service will mean the right of non-commercial public television stations and/or PBS to offer their members the right to view the Program by means of on-demand streaming services owned, operated, distributed, programmed or branded by PBS and/or public television stations (currently known as "Passport") at any time during the Rights Period (including extensions), and during the 30-day period preceding the initial transmission of the Program in the Territory; provided however that: (i) access to the Program shall be limited to members by password protection or analogous means; (ii) no commercial advertisements shall be associated with viewing the Program or viewing the On Demand Membership Service (for the avoidance of doubt, underwriting "spots" may appear on the Program and the On Demand Membership Service); and (iii) the primary purpose of the On Demand Membership Service will be to make public television programs available for no additional charge to members who support public television through membership donations.

Program Materials "Program Materials" means physical and/or digital materials containing the broadcast version of the Program in the agreed upon format, or any other format mutually agreed upon by the parties.

Publicity Materials "Publicity Materials" means promotional materials pertaining to the Program including but not limited to publicity releases, photographs, advertisements, web banners, digitized promotional content, logos, social media templates, and other promotional materials.

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