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Additional Winners

The Create Cooking Challenge Winners Have Been Selected!

Congratulations to Grand Prize Winner, Buki Elegbede, a New Yorker by day, from Newark, NJ and Second Place Winner Chris Nance from Santa Clarita, CA!

#1 Buki Elegbede: Buki's Bakeshop (Chocolate Whoopie Pies)
  • I am an aspiring TV host who grew up obsessed with cooking shows. I love telling stories in any way and that includes through food.
  • I've been cooking/baking on my own since I was 10 years old. Started with eggs, Thanksgiving dinner, and hundreds of cook books. Today, I have my own baking business.
  • I entered the challenge to live out my dream. To inspire young people to take culinary chances just as so many shows did for me growing up.

#2 Chris Nance (How to Make a Professional Looking Graham Cracker Crust)
  • I'm 36 years old and a So Cal. native. I also run a culinary social network website and small catering company with my older brother.
  • I began cooking at the age of 5, learning from my Grandmother, Mother, and Brother. Through their tutelage, I've developed my talents.
  • I entered the challenge because I love teaching and I love cooking. I truly believe that food is a conduit which can unite the world.

Here is a list of the other top winners:

#3 Susie Bulloch: Susie Bullock of heygrillhey.com: Drunk Brisket with Bacon BBQ Sauce
Watches KBYU from her home in Lehi, UT
  • I'm a BBQ-at-home mom to 3 awesome kids and I love sharing my passion for all things grilling with my family and friends.
  • Cooking Experience: I've got a Guinness Record for the Longest Grilling Marathon, I'm a KCBS BBQ judge, a grilling instructor, and a UT television contributor!
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: Sharing my BBQ knowledge with people is my favorite thing! I love using video as a teaching tool and CreateTV can help expand my influence!

#4 Kate Schenk: A Play on Italian Beans and Greens for a Quick Weeknight Meal
Watches KCTS from her home in Seattle, WA
  • A dual citizen of Switzerland, I was raised in NY by a family of cooks. I’m a Nutritionist, writer and believer in the simple act of cooking.
  • Cooking Experience: I learned to cook at the apron strings of my bi-cultural grandmothers and mom. I performed my 1st cooking demo at age 5 and haven’t stopped.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I firmly believe that anyone can cook. I’d like to help viewers get reconnected to food and enjoy one of our greatest pleasures.

#5 Dustin Hunsucker for Troy Gagliardo: Quick, Cheap & Easy
Watches WTVI from his home in Newton, NC
  • I'm a cameraman at WCCB Charlotte and I enjoy making videos on the side for fun.
  • Cooking Experience: The cook in the video was Troy Gagliardo who does a segment on Tuesdays on our morning news show.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I know Troy was looking for more exposure as a chef and I really enjoy making videos. I saw this contest, so Troy and I decided to go for it.

#6 Kristina Vanni: Join this Finnish culinary adventure and learn how to make Smoked Salmon Pie with farm-fresh ingredients from the Land of the Midnight Sun
Watches WNET from her home in New York, NY
  • Kristina is currently writing her first cookbook, an exploration of the traditional and seasonal cuisine from her family's farm in Finland.
  • Cooking Experience: An award-winning cook since the age of 12, Kristina works as a recipe developer, food writer, photographer, and culinary spokesperson.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: This entry was created to showcase the incredible fresh ingredients, classic recipes, and unique cooking techniques of Finnish cuisine.

#7 Dan Finnigan: Cooking with Cocktails by Dan Finnigan
Watches WCMU from his home in Canadian Lakes, MI
  • My name is Daniel Patrick Finnigan; I was born and raised in Chicago. I'm 38 yrs old, I have baby on the way and I love my dog.
  • Cooking Experience: I'm a self-taught chef and experienced mixologist. I've learned from working with top chefs in a wide variety of cuisines and watching Create!
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: After moving to the middle of the woods, Create became my only working channel. I'd like to tell my baby, "Look! Daddy's on T.V.!"

#8 Malia Dell: Crab Rangoon & Vegetable Fried Rice – Food That Works
Watches Maine Public Broadcasting (MAIN) from her home in Rockland, ME
  • I am an author, wellness coach, fitness instructor, and speaker! As an artist I can successfully translate my ideas into creative, fun, content.
  • Cooking Experience: I am a self-taught cook. I spent four years researching, writing, testing, photographing, illustrating & publishing my book Food That Works.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: It is my mission to spread food knowledge, substitutions, and make cooking approachable, as it is an imperative skill for a healthy society.

#9 Kiya Marie Schnorr: Kiya’s Magic Chicken
Watches WNET from her home in New York, NY
  • I am a freelance photographer, dancer, and cooking streamer based in New York City. My husband, my cat and I savor the many joys of food.
  • Cooking Experience: I began cooking with my mom at 8, and I’ve fallen more in love with it as the years pass. Self-taught. Cooking is the anchor of my world.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I love filming and editing videos, so the prospect of video making combined with cooking is out of this world! Also, I love you Sara Moulton!

#10 Samantha Kuhl: Sammi’s Kitchen – Everyday Gourmet Pan-Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Watches WNET from her home in Woodside, NY
  • New York based actor and life-long foodie. Server by day and performer by trade. My passions came together to create Sammi's Kitchen
  • Cooking Experience: I grew up cooking with my father and watching cooking shows on my PBS station on Saturdays with my brother. I am a self- taught home cook.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: Filmed two episodes of my own cooking show, and wanted to share it with more than my immediate circle.

#11 Erin Willis: Erin’s Elk Bolognese
Watches KRMA from her home in Denver, CO
  • I am an Actress, Singer, Teacher who has worked in restaurants across the country and has a strong passion for cooking, baking, and wine!
  • Cooking Experience: Worked in restaurants as a Waiter, Bartender, Host and Sommelier. A cook who loves throwing dinner parties and I am a freelance pastry chef.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I love the programming on Create and have always wanted to combine my performance training and love of food to host a cooking show!

#12 Bud Graske: From the kitchen at Unruly Manor – Good Time Peppers for Mardi Gras!
Watches WNEO from his home in Newtown, CT
  • Video production is my profession and cooking is my passion! (Well. - OK ... actually EATING is my passion, but cooking is right up there!)
  • Cooking Experience: From small dinner parties to being one of the cooks at the Guinness-recognized largest BBQ in the world - I've been around.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I've spent my entire career behind the camera (see: BudGraskeProductions.com) and thought it would be fun to "chew the scenery" on camera.

#13 Stephen Roberts: Brining is an easy way to create juicy and flavorful pork chops – I show you
Watches KQED from his home in San Francisco, CA
  • I'm a private chef and popup producer in SF serving locally sourced ingredients inspired by the best of Europe.
  • Cooking Experience: I've been working as a caterer and private chef since 2002. In 2014 I started producing popup restaurants.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: It's a great opportunity to share my love of cooking and my passion for technique with a broader audience.

#14 Reniel Billups: Reniel’s Irie Kitchen
Watches WTVS from her home in Bloomfield Hills, MI
  • A Jamaican Native living in the states 26 years with my husband and daughter, I am quite outspoken, outgoing and love sharing my food.
  • Cooking Experience: Working in the culinary industry since age 14, I am currently the lead cook for a local school system, as well as a personal chef and caterer.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I am in love with all things food. I love Create TV and aspire to one day host my own cooking show where I can share the foods of my origin.

#15 Simi John: Indian Curry 101
Watches Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA) from her home in Edmond, OK
  • Born in India and raised in TX. Married for 7 years and have 2 beautiful kids. I have a doctorate in physical therapy from Temple University.
  • Cooking Experience: My dad was a chef in Saudi Arabia, so I have always been around food and enjoyed watching the cooking process. I like trying new recipes and techniques.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I love Indian food and want to pass on my love for it to others. I enjoy telling people about the diverse dishes and the rich culture.

#16 Ceji Johnson: Recipe Update with Amy Matalas and Ceji Johnson
Watches KPBS from her home in Chula Vista, CA
  • We're best friends who love to cook together and make fun of ridiculous recipes.
  • Cooking Experience: Ceji is a CIA trained chef, Amy is an accomplished home cook. Don't ask Ceji to make rice, and don't ask Amy to bake.
  • Why we entered the Create Cooking Challenge: It was an excuse for us to finally tackle that recipe box that we had made fun of for so long, and videotape it for posterity.

#17 Dana Commandatore: Dana’s Kitchen: Spaghetti alla Carbonara
Watches KOCE from her home in Los Angeles, CA
  • Full time working mother and wife who loves to cook for family and friends. Born and raised in New Jersey, now resides in Los Angeles.
  • Cooking Experience: No formal training. I just explored cooking shows, books and family recipes.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: I want to reassure people who are intimidated by cooking and inspire them to try some simple and delicious dishes for their loved ones.

#18 Mary Grube: Mary’s Kitchen Meals Frittata for Two: Where Every Meal is Made More Special with Love
Watches WLVT from her home in Bethlehem, PA
  • I love how food allows me to share my heritage and experiences with loved ones, to connect with my community and to build new friendships.
  • Cooking Experience: Adult enrichment cooking instruction, local television and print media contributor, plus live event cooking demonstrations and judging.
  • Why I entered the Create Cooking Challenge: To encourage and inspire viewers to get into their kitchens and cook with joy, confidence and love!

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