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Hotel Location

Naples Grande Beach Resort
475 Seagate Drive
Naples, Florida 34103
Main phone:   844.489.9663

Room Rate

The APT room rate is $215/night plus tax.

This rate is good through October 14, 2022.

Please note: APT’s group hotel room block is now full so any available rooms need to be reserved at the hotel’s regular rate.

Reserve hotel room online when you register

Once you complete your Fall Marketplace registration you will be prompted to register for your hotel room at the discounted rate.

Please Note: Make your hotel reservation as early as possible. Because of high demand, the APT room block often gets fully booked before the deadline. 

Hotel reservations for support staff and talent

Those coming to Fall Marketplace solely to support an event and who are not attending the meeting, may access a reservation link for hotel rooms here.

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