#101: Greens & Beans - Mama’s Glorious Garden
Foul - fresh fava beans in garlic, lemon and extra virgin olive oil
Sleet - sautéed dandelion greens with caramelized onions
Lubia - Lebanese style slowly stewed flat green beans in onions and extra virgin olive oil
Atafiah - Arabic wild greens caramelized with onions and blended bulgur wheat

#102: Make Mama Happy! All About Arabic Eggs
Ijee - an Arabic fresh-herb omelet filled with freshness
Bada bi Helyoun - Arabic asparagus and eggs with aromatics and fresh herbs
Bada bi Coosa - sautéed Coosa squash and eggs with aromatics
Bada bi Lahme - Lamb meat and eggs with aromatics, all spice and finished with fresh mint
Batata bi Zait - Arabic-style home fries with aromatics, fresh herbs and sumac spice.

#103: Middle Eastern Seafood Star - Sayadeyeh
Sayadeyeh - an Arabic fresh fish and rice dish
Ruz bi Saffron - Arabic rice with saffron spice
Jarjir Salata - a fresh watercress and radish salad with a toum and lemon thyme sprig sauce
Toum bi Laymoon Za’atar - a fresh garlic and lemon thyme sprig sauce with fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil

#104: Street Food Stars Middle Eastern Style
Kafta - a Middle Eastern meat kabob filled with fresh flat-leaf parsley aromatics and all spice
A Harmonization of Carmalization - a medley of fresh vegetables, herbs and aromatics
Tasty Tahini - a sesame seed sauce with fresh flat leaf parsley and mint leaves.

#105: A Taste of Heaven - Two Middle Eastern Sweet Treats
Heavenly Harissa - a semolina and Lebanese yogurt “Laban” sweet
Heltil bil Jibneh- a semolina and fresh mozzarella sweet sensation
Attar bi Mazaher - an orange blossom signature syrup

#106: There's Something Special About Silit
Mahshi Silq bi Hummus - stuffed Swiss chard leaves filled with fresh herbs, chickpeas, long grain rice and lemon juice
Silit Salata - a Swiss chard stalk salad finished with fresh garlic, lemon and extra virgin olive oil
Hummus Salata - a fresh chickpea, vegetable and herb salad

#107: Harvest Moon Malfouf - Middle Eastern Cabbage Creations
Mahshi Malfouf - Lebanese-style stuffed cabbage leaves
Makmoura - red and green caramelized cabbage leaves with onions and blended with bulgur wheat
Bandoura & Basal Salata - a red onion and tomato salad sprinkled with sumac spice and tossed in a traditional Arabic dressing

#108: Thanksgiving Traditions Take a Twist
Farjee - Cornish hens stuffed with Ruz bi Heshwi, baked to golden brown with an array of aromatics
Ruz Bi Heshwi - a traditional wild- and long-grain rice and meat stuffing filled with fresh herbs, seasonings and aromatics
Middle Eastern Mixed Greens - sautéed baby arugula and baby spinach leaves with caramelized onions and blended with bulgur wheat

#109: Dream Sweet of the Middle East - Queen Knafeh
Queen Knafeh - a shredded Phyllo dough dessert layered between a creamy Lebanese style sweet cream
Tofaah bi Safarjal bi Knafe - a Lebanese American honey crisp apple and caramelized quince Knafe cream crumble
Arabic Apple Cider- Arabic spiced hot apple cider with anise seeds and cinnamon sticks

#110: A Few of My Favorite Things - Lebanese Lentils, Lemons & Labana
Kibbet Rahib - a Lebanese lentil and lemon Swiss shard soup with petite fresh herbed bulgur wheat balls
Kharisah - a Lebanese-style potato patty filled with fresh chickpeas, herbs and bulgur wheat
Labana Herb Sauce - a Lebanese-style strained homemade yogurt “Labana” sauce overflowing with fresh herbs

#111: Middle Eastern Meat Pies - Savory a la Saj
Lahme bi Ajeen - Lebanese-style meat pies
Sfeeha - a Lebanese-style open-faced meat turnovers
Sambousek - a Lebanese-style savory meat dumpling

#112: Luscious Lebanese Laban - Signature Soups
Shish Barak - a Lebanese yogurt “Laban” hot soup with lamb meat petite and sized tortellinis
Kishik - a Lebanese hot yogurt and bulgur wheat soup in a savory lamb meat mixture, finished with drizzles of extra virgin olive oil and toasted pine nuts
Khobz bi Mitli - freshly baked homemade pita chips simply finished with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt

#113 Tis the Season of Sweets Starring - Magical Maamoul & More
Magical Maamoul - a butter cookie filled with a walnut date filling, baked to golden brown and dusted with powdered and granulated sugar crystals
Ruz bi Haleeb- an Arabic-style a la Julie Taboulie rich rice pudding that is silky smooth finished with pistachio nuts