Episode #101 – “Power”
When Miss Toronto Electric & Light is electrocuted in a demonstration gone wrong, it’s determined that the switch handle she pulled had been purposely booby-trapped. In a case that’s further complicated by bribery, scandal and dirty backroom dealings, Murdoch must find out who killed her — and why.

Episode #102 – “The Glass Ceiling”
When two men die from similar wounds, Brackenreid recognizes it as the mark of a stiletto - the trademark of Walter Ayotte, a small time gangster whom he and the two victims helped put away. While Brackenreid goes chasing after Ayotte, a grisly new development in Pollack’s murder tells Murdoch that he’s been trying to solve this puzzle without all the pieces.

Episode #103 – “The Knockdown”
When boxing underdog Amos Robinson is found dead in his hotel room. Amos’ wife, Fannie stands out as the most viable suspect. But Murdoch’s strong intuition tells him otherwise, and he must act fast or Fannie will hang for a crime she didn’t commit.

Episode #104 – “Elementary, My Dear Murdoch”
Murdoch teams with his hero, Arthur Conan Doyle to solve a murder that was revealed during a séance led by medium Sarah Pensall. It seems the victim, Ida Winston — a member of a paranormal watchdog group, had not been convinced of Sarah’s abilities, which makes Murdoch wonder if Sarah killed Ida because she was about to be revealed as a fraud.

Episode #105 – “Til Death Do Us Part”
Wendell Merrick is killed in the church on the day he was to marry Eunice McGinty. As suspicion turns to the best man, Murdoch’s investigation takes an unexpected twist when the pathology report turns up evidence that Wendell was homosexual — which leads Brackenreid to conclude that it was Wendell’s lover who wielded the weapon that killed him. But while fingers are being pointed at possible candidates, Murdoch starts to believe that the issue of Wendell’s sexuality has thrown this investigation way off track.

Episode #106 – “Let Loose the Dogs”
John Delaney had been on his way home from a ratting match at the local pub and somehow ended up face down in the river. When Murdoch finds the drunken body of his estranged father, Harry, passed out near the crime scene, he’s quick to accuse the man he’s long believed killed his mother. When evidence turns up that suggests Delaney may have had a rendezvous after leaving the pub that fateful night, the investigation takes a whole new turn.

A skeletal corpse that falls from the ceiling of the Grand theatre is identified as Virgil Smart. His widow, Stella insists her husband was buried at a proper funeral. But if this corpse is Virgil’s, then whose body did she bury? Could these murders be the result of a lovers’ quarrel, a jealous husband, or a spurned lover? One thing is for certain: Each of the theatre’s well-rehearsed actors knows what happened that night — and now Murdoch knows just how to trip them up.

Episode #108 – “Still Waters”
The body of Richard Hartley, the newest member of a prestigious men’s rowing team, is found washed up on a beach after a night of drinking with his teammates. According to his fiancée, Minerva Fairchild, Hartley had just replaced the team’s top rower Horace Briggs, who admits he’d been disappointed when he was bumped from the team — but not enough to kill. Murdoch orders a test on the water in Hartley’s lungs — and that’s when the investigation finally blows wide open.

Episode #109 – “Belly Speaker”
Roddy Grimesby is found dead from a lethal ingestion of varnish. When the police show up at the crime scene, the victim’s son Harcourt — a ventriloquist — is found hiding in the closet with his look-alike dummy Mycroft. Although Harcourt confesses to the murder, Murdoch spots inconsistencies in the story that make no sense — unless there was a third party involved. In a shocking turn, Murdoch learns that Harcourt has a twin brother named Mycroft (Gavin Crawford). But just when it looks like the case is solved, Murdoch sees something in a Grimesby family photo that puts a whole new twist on things.

Episode #110 – “Child’s Play”
Howard Rookwood, philanthropist and co-owner of a glue factory, is found dead after returning home from a fundraiser. When a short-handled shovel wielded by someone child-sized is finally determined to be the murder weapon, suspicion turns to the boys who work at the glue factory — and one young boy in particular, who turns out to be the long-lost brother of Rookwood’s adopted daughter. As evidence starts to stack up against the boy, Murdoch learns that Rookwood’s disgruntled ex-valet had long been receiving hush money from his former boss for keeping a secret — one so repugnant that it would drive anyone to murder.

Episode #111 – “Bad Medicine”
Dr. Grout, a co-founder of a medical research institute, is found with arrows jutting from his back, and the letters “Wy” written in blood on a nearby rock. According to medium Sarah Pensall, the killer is a grim reaper with a crossbow. He’s accompanied by the spirit of a woman, and he will strike again. As associates of the institute are systematically killed off by the hooded specter, Murdoch finally gets a tip — a letter bearing only the word, “Wykeham.” Finally, with Pensall’s help, Murdoch discovers that, in 1893, a young woman died in a fire at Wykeham — a lodge once leased to Grout’s partner, Dr. Greyson. But, in spite of how things look, though, Murdoch knows Greyson is not their man. But it’s not until he spots a photo of the young woman with her fiancé that the mystery is finally solved.

Episode #112 – “The Rebel and the Prince”
Murdoch and Crabtree are assigned to protect Prince Alfred during his visit to Toronto. But, on the very night that a British aide warns the authorities about a possible Irish threat against the Prince, an Irish girl wearing a Brotherhood ring turns up dead. In a town where Irish ire continues to fester against the constabulary, not even his good friend Eddie Cullen will help Murdoch in the case. In a race against the clock, Murdoch must track down the girl’s killer and decipher the secret message before the insidious Brotherhood can carry out its deadly plan.

Episode #113 – “The Annoying Red Planet”
By all appearances, Martians are responsible for the hanging death of Henri Gaston, a Martian-obsessed loner with a shop full of telescopes, charts and journals. Gaston’s observations could have had something to do with his demise, but a letter on his desk suggests that the reason for his death is decidedly more terrestrial. Stymied by Gaston’s murder, Murdoch finally witnesses what Gaston had been writing about — a light in the sky, and a shape emerging over the cornfield. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Murdoch remains sure that the strange events are all related to a land sale. What he doesn’t know is that this threat is much more menacing than any Martian invasion.