#201 “Nice to Meet You”
Sing and sign along with Rachel, practicing phrases like “my name is,” “how are you,” and many more that will help you make new friends and greet old ones.

#202 “Happy Birthday to You”
Sign and celebrate Leah’s birthday with Alex, Leah, Hopkins and Rachel.

#203 “Move and Groove”
Jump, dance, spin and march along with the Signing Time friends, demonstrating the many wonderful ways to move your body.

#204 “Box of Crayons”
Rachel, Alex, Leah and Hopkins teach the signs for colors like pink, orange, purple and green.

#205 “My House”
Alex, Leah, Hopkins and Rachel take a singing and signing tour of the rooms and objects in a house.

#206 “Once Upon a Time”
The Signing Time friends discover the joy of books through songs and signs.

#207 “Going Outside”
Alex, Leah, Hopkins and Rachel experience the great outdoors while learning signs for nature.

#208 “My Favorite Season”
The Signing Time friends sing and sign their way through the changing seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall.

#209 “My Things”
After playtime, Alex, Leah and Hopkins return every toy to its “right place.”

#210 “Who Has the Frog?”
In trying to find Hopkins the frog, Alex and Leah learn to sign question words like who, what, where and when.

#211 “My Favorite Sport”
Play ball with The Signing Time friends as they learn sports-related signs including basketball, baseball, soccer and football.

#212 “Helping Out Around the House”
Alex, Leah, Hopkins and Rachel sing and sign their way through household chores and discover that work feels like play.

#213 “Days of the Week”
The Signing Time friends learn to sign all seven day of the week.