#101 "My First Signs"
Alex and Leah play in their magical tree house as they share the very first signs they learned.

#102 "Playtime Signs"
Alex and Leah share signs for their favorite play things, as well as the "Magic Words" song, which teaches good manners.

#103 "Everyday Signs"
The kids share everyday signs for boy, girl, happy, sad, hungry and more. Rachel concludes the episode with the unforgettable "Silly Pizza Song."

#104 Family, Feelings & Fun
Alex and Leah share signs for family members, feelings and objects found outside.

#105 "ABCs"
Alex, Leah, Hopkins and Rachel join together for a singing and signing alphabet adventure.

#106 "My Favorite Things"
Alex, Leah and Hopkins share signs for colors of the rainbow, yummy fruits and vegetables, and activities such as singing, dancing and jumping.

#107 "Leah's Farm"
The happy Signing Time! gang sings and signs fun with their favorite animals on Leah's farm.

#108 "The Great Backyard"
During a hike in the woods, Alex, Leah and Hopkins try to spot animals.

#109 "The Zoo Train"
The Signing Time gang hops on the zoo train to learn new signs for their animal friends at the zoo.

#110 "My Day"
Rachel and her young friends share all the signs for things kids do every day, from waking up and getting dressed, to playtime and bedtime.

#111 "My Neighborhood"
This episode teaches all of the signs for common neighborhood places, including the park, the store, the post office, the library and many others.

#112 "My School"
Alex, Leah and Hopkins go to school and learn signs for everything in a classroom.

#113 "Eating Time"
The Signing Time gang shares more songs and laughs as they learn signs for more of their favorite foods.